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VetsNorth Conference 2014

Recently, I was lucky enough to steward at a Veterinary conference in Manchester. We helped prepare the venue the day before and usher in the delegates as they arrived. During any lulls over the course of the two days, we could attend lectures. Being a 1st year I suspected rather a lot to fly over my head, and its safe to say a lot did, but I was surprised at how far just 1 year of university and general knowledge can get you! I listened in the talks about feline hyperthyroidism, exotic pathology, the use of fentanyl patches and ophthalmology amongst others! It was exciting to put my 1st year knowledge into practice and feel as though I had progressed, this and the recent discovery that I have passed all my exams has left me feeling rather pleased with myself! I'm sure within the first few weeks back at Uni this feeling will become a faint memory...

One of the most exciting things with these conferences (I have now discovered) is the array of characters you meet! And what characters they can be - it's great! The learning never ends, no matter how late the night is or how well the wine is flowing! You'll always find yourself embroiled in the most bizarre conversation involving some paper about leeches. With, who you then realise to be the authors, and not a clue how you got there! Typically by this stage you will be in dire need of the toilet but desperate not to miss a thing! Something I wish would happen every time I was required to conduct a Literature Review and Critical Appraisal.. I might then feel more willing to read past the abstract! C'est la vie!

So with a plethora of random wine-stained facts ingrained in to my brain, I hopped on to the train back home having had a very enjoyable few days! Unfortunately these stewarding opportunities are declining, but I would really recommend attending a conference during vet school some way or another - I had a wonderful time!


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