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An Introduction

Hello, my names B (I'm lazy.. Beth is 3 letters too long) and this blog is about my experiences and thoughts (or possibly more correctly - rants) about all things animal and welfare related!

Firstly, I should have really said, the title of this blog is not a guarantee that I can tell you 'how' to be a vet, as yet I have no idea myself! It's something I hope to discover at some point over the course of my vet degree, but for now I hope I can provide some tips and hope for getting into vet school and also some insight into the degree as it unfolds! I hope to use this as a diary, though using the term loosely, to keep up to date with the goings on of life at uni and in particular the demands and rewards of a veterinary degree!

If you choose to follow my blog, I'm sure you will find out that I'm really passionate about wildlife conservation and its my dream to become a vet within this area - just a heads up if that's not your 'cuppa tea'!

I hope that I can provide you with some useful information and if you have any questions or just want to know more please feel free to follow me on twitter and tweet me @bethid

B x

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