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Hard Questions, Impossible Answers..

A bit of a disclaimer: Everything written on this page, unless stated otherwise, are my views and mine alone. I believe that everyone should consider and formulate their own opinions on an almost infinite number of ethical concerns all over the globe. Often, these can be unknown to many people or taken as the norm for some and therefore accepted without question. I feel very strongly that everyone has freedom of speech and opinion and that these should be voiced and shared – we can all learn from each other! I also feel that no day-to-day activity should be conducted without a thought to what we are doing, how we can do it and why. Such as buying milk, how has it got there, what processes have been undertaken to provide that product – and do you agree with it? I, myself, still drink milk, eat meat and use other animal products having considered these factors and made certain lifestyle changes.

I hope on this page to share general ethical problems, topical and more recent issues and also just encourage wider thought about the ‘little things’. Any comments and contributions would be really appreciated – it’s the best way to learn!

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