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Animal Welfare

So, this is a biggie.

There are sadly an indescribable number of cases of animal welfare issues across the globe, as there are human welfare issues! At it’s route, life, as they say ‘is hard’ however where action can be taken to reduce suffering of ANY living being, that should be taken. These are perceived in hugely different ways because of social, cultural and political differences. Here in the UK, we are hugely focused on animal welfare or so we like to think!

  • Farming – are some forms better than others, are our common assumptions that outdoor and organic is always best actually correct re welfare?

  • Pets – do they want to be kept? Does a dog really want that trifle, or do you?

  • Hunting – community spirit, population control, sport and some peoples heritage?

  • Habitat destruction – is it okay for necessary housing but not for a new shopping center?

  • Animal testing – is it always okay, or just for potential life-saving medicines?

  • Culls – population controls, pest control or controls based on little data?

Above are a few examples of potentially questionable ethical situations. I, in no way think that any of them are unacceptable, but I ask you to think about how you feel about them.

Moving slightly away from home, consider simple actions such as:

  • buying toilet roll and paper  – is it FSC approved or are you contributing to the destruction of the rainforests and other vital wooded ecosystems?

  • products made from palm oil – are you supporting the destruction of rainforests again and the habitat of some of our closest relatives?

  • make-up tested on animals – is it necessary to test for unnecessary beauty products?

  • meat from overseas where regulations can be more lax – did the animal have an ‘acceptable’ standard of living?

I don’t wish to stay on this figurative soap-box or lecture further, but I hope the above has raised a few ideas and emotions. If you are looking to go to vet school, these are definitely worth some research – it will be mentioned at interview!

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