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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust saves the lives of many orphaned rhino and elephant calves every year! This is vital work, particularly now, when poaching is on the increase to add to the factors decreasing the chance of survival for these fantastic creatures! Please visit their webpage (they also have an App!)


The WVS (Worldwide Veterinary Service)is a charity founded by Luke Gamble. If you have Sky, you might have seen Vet Adventures! Its a fantastic charity supplying veterinary care and supplies to poverty stricken areas and those horrendously affected by natural disasters. They aim to achieve a sustainable answer to animal welfare worldwide and have a huge focus on educating local vets, vet nurses and technicians!

A huge success is the ITC (International Training Center) in India with priority being training indian vets, however some weeks are opened up to UK vet students to practice and learn surgical skills! This is just one of their own projects, but they also directly support independent projects worldwide too! These projects are often part of the volunteer project section too, and the WVS ensure they provide an excellent standard of placement, that money received is used wisely and that you as a volunteer would be safe and sound having a fab time!

The WVS send out aid packs in times of need and undertake many valuable vaccination and neutering programs. The most prominent of which is 'Mission Rabies' a program dedicated to eradicating rabies in the stray dog populations of India. Rabies kills 100 children per day worldwide!


Dogs Trust working together with Mission Rabies to vaccinate stray dogs in India

The WVS have a fantastic website, and if you become a member you gain access to full details of their amazing volunteer programs for vets, students and non-vets! At Liverpool we have WVS reps and regular contact directly with the WVS and we have heard some amazing success stories so far! If I haven't managed to sell it to you then I guess its good job I'm not in sales, but for me I think this charity is worth a great deal of support!

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