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Help! I need somebody..

.. to teach me how to play Netball.

Now, one of my many fanciful ideas and ambitions since going to University was learning how to play Netball. Yes, I suppose most people will have played before, however, I haven't. It didn't even strike me that maybe this would put me at a disadvantage, but then I hadn't really given it too much thought before I dived in. Thankfully that was only metaphorically, however I did manage to successfully humiliate myself when desperately trying to adhere to the one rule I knew perfectly: DON'T MOVE WITH THE BALL. Which resulted with me, in a tangle somehow suspended above the ground. Not my most graceful moment I shall confess, though I wasn't too disheartened just a little bit stiff the following day.. Since this and a 'proper' match down, I haven't made quite such an entertaining entrance, though I suspect it is almost imminent.

I hope my plans to learn to sail will not go as bottoms up - or I might be in trouble!


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