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Eight days a week might've been useful..

I have survived the infamous vet school freshers! Though I have no intention of making this a droning report of my social antics here in Liverpool, I felt that this at least deserved a respectful nod to! A full week of 9-5 lectures and 7-2 fancy dress and booze orientated activities can take its toll on your immunity! Racing around the city in your steel toecaps, parties, bar crawls and barn dances lend for a entertaining week! It's no mean feat rising on time for the bus each morning and retaining even a drop of information from lectures!

A top tip I feel is worth sharing is be prepared - get yourself some immune defense and stockpile oranges! These should be fresher flu prevention essentials for anyone off to university! Its worked for me (so far!)

Vet freshers is an initiation - great fun and a week I'll look back on fondly, but tiring! Bring on next year when we're in charge!


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