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Wirral lyf pt I

So being a self-confessed city girl, having now dated a Farmer for over 6 years and been surrounded by country-bumpkins at vets school for 4 years, it's become apparent to me that maybe spending more than an enjoyable weekend in the countryside might not be so terrible. That's not to say I was particularly looking forward to two years confined to the buzzing metropolis that is, Neston, Cheshire (population - 15,000, most work at the vet school). Everyone around me insisted that there's 'loads' to do - there's a Costa! Now, anyone that knows me well enough is aware of my unhealthy love of coffee (how anyone is not caffeine-dependent at Vet school escapes me!), however the presence of a Costa doesn't really console me much. I mean,... the thought of a Costa being the highlight of my week is somewhat depressing, but perhaps I might successfully detox this year, during my predictable post-christmas 'this year, I will diet' January phase.

I can confirm, that 5 months in, my coffee addiction has not been controlled, it has undoubtedly increased. This is almost entirely due to the conveniently located kettle in the common room, thanks to which I can blame an average of 6 cups of coffee being consumed each day in between lectures. This sad state of affairs hasn't improved since revision has started and have resorted to multiple teaspoons to aid my motivation! Its safe to say sleeping has never been my forte and attempts to meditate are somewhat laughable when considering the fact I will have only just finished the final Aeropress coffee of the evening 30 minutes ago!

Moving on - living here has actually been great! My dog now lives here 'full-time' and we have made a number of friends on our mornings strolls. Primarily, a blackbird which likes to sit on the bonnet of my car and the numerous horses who are turned out in the fields near the marshes. I can't say that the conversation has been particularly stimulating but for 0730 in the morning, (my housemates can vouch for this) I am not particularly talkative.. or cheerful. So perhaps, this is a blessing!

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