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Spreading the word!

Mid-revision for 4th year exams, a small group of us went to the local Primary school to teach both Years 1 and 2 about animals and where there chicken nuggets come from! Some of you might think that, bearing in-mind we live in a Rural Cheshire town, these children might be more 'in touch' with agriculture.. but no. No they are not. I was brought up in an Inner-city estate, and most of my friends thought it strange that I would spend weekends walking with my family in the Peak district. After all ' the countryside smells'. But even these more rural-based children had no idea that chicken kievs were actually from living chickens (though, arguably.. I''m not sure really how much you can call it chicken after all that processing..!)

We based our level of the Key Stage 1 BBC bitesize to create various resources for 6 different stations. I'm going to cheat now and let the Liverpool Veterinary Society President of 16-17 explain it. Here is what Katie Burden wrote about it:

I think my group were amused, as 'Miss Dixon' of 2012-13 was reborn and I became very 'teachery'. To give you some context - I spent my Gap Year working as a Teaching Assistant in a Secondary School, and so rather than feel the awkwardness the others felt, it came somewhat naturally. My experience was useful, as it really is quite hard to predict the concentration-span of small children if you haven't had any experience with them!!

I was on the fun 'name the baby animal/match to its mummy' station. I was very glad that we had differentiated widely.. some children struggled with the simple ones and others knew what a mermaids purse was (shark egg sac)!

The children were incredible and we all truly enjoyed the afternoon! This might have been to do with the bribery we brought along, in the form of haribo... And I was happy as in the last 5 minutes we did a 'pop quiz' and I had loads of children remember that a baby hedgehog is a hoglet - did you know that?!

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